Influences and YOU… 101 (Wake up to reality and face the hard truth.)

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Its time for all people to realize the impact they have on the world around them down to every last microorganism. When will people learn that they can’t reap the natural benefits that we have on this planet because all life flows like a river it can not be traced to a beginning or an end. If you push it to its limits the earth will recycle you and save itself. Look at the vast increase in natural disasters in the last 5 to 10 years. Nothing is coincidence and everything is done for a specific reason. Everything works together and when we as humans neglect this eminent truth we find our selves in the global crisis that threatens us today. Wake up for the sake of the youth in this country, after all the youth are the ones who will have to live with the mistakes of the past and try to tend to the wounds of the present and near future. The most we can try to do is ease the burden by making wise and selfless decisions especially when it comes to big business and corporations such as motor vehicle, oil companies, and even the banks, and the selflessness will be coming straight out of their pockets not ours. The debt that corporations have in-crude and their personal standings should have no direct link to the government other than protecting the rights of the workers. Big business should have no leverage in government because they aren’t looking after people they’re looking after themselves. Lets try to pass some helpful legislation that will make a positive influence in our future not drag us farther down to the bottom. Its like I always say,  “The economy will come crashing down with the power and ferocity of Mighty Zeus’ lightning bolts but the destruction will give us the power to unite and rebuild and restructure the world in which we live, and exciting times are to come.” I’m excited to reshape our whole infrastructure because it will give us a chance to rebuild with enough flexibility to withstand the struggles to come. I’m curious to see the outcome of the election and as many of you know Oct. 4th has now passed and any unregistered voters will not be eligible to vote in the coming election on Nov. 4th.

I think that all people possess at least to a certain extent the want to find their niche in the world so that they can make a memorable influence or even reach a higher level vibration and succeed in learning their lessons so they can move on to whatever lies ahead. Use your ability to find your own energy to keep your soul happy, depressing times are surely coming and the only way to make it out alive is to remember all the little things in life to be cherished. Fall is setting in and the leaves are turning again, and in Montana this time of year on any particular day you can always be sure you can step out you door early in the morning as the sun creeps over the mountain tops and everything has a gentle mist set upon it the air is crisp and cold and it has the most amazing aroma of “fall” and everything is quiet at peace before the hectic day sets in. That’s when I like to take the time to meditate even if its only for five minutes to clear my mind and let energy flow through me before facing stressful days. Well now I’m just rambling but I hope it was amusing at the very least. Leave me feedback of your take on our economy, government, spiritual, etc….

The natural beauty of Montana. No props or backdrops necessary. Lend a hand to save our forests.


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A poem for the planet

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Dreary days are soon to come,

The collapse has only just begun.

Fearful citizens everywhere,

Makes you wish that the wealthy cared,

The poor have more because we’re not losing as much,

So for the rich it really just sucks.

How to solve the problems at hand?

If anyone can do it Obama can!

Our economy is slipping off the edge of a cliff,

Waiting for someone to give it the final kick.

Banks out of money, so am I,

We can’t avoid this imminent downfall so why should we try?

Once it collapses we can form a new plan,

To restore stability in this forsaken land.

Save the polar bears and the children too,

Teach them new tricks while their minds are still young.

They will be the ones to form the new structure and bring back the sun,

To cast a bright future for generations to come.

So hold your breath and make your vote count.

If we rebuild this country and planet together someone might make it out alive.


-Just some nonsense to think about… or maybe its not. Decide for yourself how much you value the future. Our options are endless and the young people must change. The future is theirs for the taking as long as we patch up our mistakes. So wipe off your pants and put a band aid on your knee and jump back on the bike to try again. Just remember not to make the same mistakes next time and don’t leave loose ends for others to clean up later. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place, by temporarily fixing problems with a blatant disregard for the future. If we can’t fix it the planet will wipe us clean as it has so many civilizations, it will always restore order in the long run. So wake up to reality and make an honest effort to change each morning to benefit all the societies that inhabit this world not only your own.

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Sid Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World

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Think of how far technology has come that just a mere forty eight years ago in 1960 the movie The Lost World’s special effects would have been miraculous. The ingenious producers used alligators, Gila monsters, and other reptiles to film the production by simply gluing horns to the animals to disguise them as dinosaurs. It is a fantastic movie that I recommend you see if for no other reason than to get a good laugh.

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Buddhism Website, Response to Lore

September 16, 2008 at 12:18 am (Religion and Spirituality) (, , )

I would be happy to refer you to a great website to get you more educated on Buddhism, but I think that you should also leave your doors open to explore many different religions or belief systems. I say this because Buddhism is a kind of spiritual journey and awakening that everyone must face somewhat alone. Everybody has to find it for themselves and I feel that if you are looking for something that you and your siblings can find comforting while growing spiritually together it may not be the right path. However freeing your body and mind can set you at peace and bring even more love and positive energy in your life. Here is the link so you can explore for yourself. It has information on a wide spectrum of religions and you can also look into meditation on their site I think that would really help you. Good luck!



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The 411 on Buddhism, “awareness”

September 10, 2008 at 2:13 am (Religion and Spirituality) (, , , , , , , , )

There are many different types of religions that go by many different names and most of them revolve around some form of “Jesus” which is a basic character with whom most people can relate to that has some sort of god-like power. If you’re like me however none of these religions really filled my spiritual void inside or made me feel somehow more complete until i found Buddhism. Technically Buddhism also known as Buddha-dharma isn’t a religion but a teaching that originated over twenty five centuries ago (that’s 2500 years) in current day Nepal. It consists of four main teachings but the whole point of Buddhism isn’t to worship a god, idea, hope, or dream it is to provoke consciousness in ourselves. The meaning of the word Buddha is “awakened” and in Buddhism anyone can be Buddha. There have been many, still are, and will be many more Buddhas because all it means is that a person has awoke to the realization that in ourselves we can always find the answers. Unlike other religions it teaches you to look within yourself for you already posses the knowledge there is no painstaking quest for the truth and the answers you seek. It teaches you to deal with pain, suffering, and change because they will forever be a part of your life and you will never alleviate them although it teaches you that your choices and actions can minimize how much pain, suffering and change you must go through. Every cell in your body is constantly changing and life and death are always a cycle within you, cells die every second and new ones come to take their place. Buddhism teaches you to use the time you have to live your life to the fullest under your own terms not under a set of rules other religions pose to put in place a set of morals that you already possess. Its learning to look within yourself and find the answers that you trulyseek. It doesn’t rely on books or material items to follow your beliefs. A book is simply a stepping stone much like a raft that carries you over a river in the first leg of your journey and when you reach the other side it becomes obsolete and to move on you have to leave it behind. Buddhism also says that everybody has eighty three problems or pain-sakes and when you solve one another fills its spot so you should just accept that you can’s alleviate all your sorrows and it teaches you to deal with them in a productive manner instead of drowning your problems in drugs or alcohol.

I have chosen in my spiritual journey to believe to be true that every person is reincarnated, that nothing is coincidence and every event that happens in your life whether it is negative or positive is meant to ultimately help you learn whatever lesson you’re meant to learn so that you can move on to the next spiritual level whatever that may be and be at peace, instead of being recycled to try to learn your lesson again. I believe that there will be a great spiritual movement where everyone will become “aware” and realize their impacts on the earth and each other and hopefully reach a point where we give back as much energy from the earth as it gives to us and quit wreaking the natural benefits. I believe there is a higher power that interconnects everyone and everything. If you don’t believe in a higher power or karma what do you call natural disasters? As harsh as it may sound I think that natural disasters are a mix of karma and population control that is controlled by the energy that connects us all. Although I haven’t found all the answers yet that I seek I know that someday I will and I will move on from this life and learn my lesson the first time so as not to come back again.

For now let this information settle in your mind for there will be plenty more to come, and as always feel free to ask any additional questions you possess and I will be more than happy to answer them.

OmMaNiPadMeHum- I send a universal prayer out to the world, the universe, and you as well.

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Trying To Get Physical

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Hi Wanda
I have an important question for you. I have been seeing a woman since last year. Due to finances on both of our parts we are planning to move in together. We get along very well. She is a very nice, sweet and giving person. I always enjoy being with her.
Now comes the problem. She is very standoffish. She says she has to know someone very well to have any kind of contact with them. I have never even had a kiss from her except on the cheek. She gives me a hug when I first see her and gives me a hug when I leave. It has really perplexed me. I am a very physical person. I love holding hands, kissing, snuggling and the sex. So I feel kind of neglected. Lately I have been trying to get her to ease up a little. I sent her flowers as a little surprize. It was a HUGE suprize. She loved them. Then yesterday I went to the beauty shop got a haircut and had my hair dyed. Then I went home and had a long bath. Then I lotioned myself down and put on body spray. I smelled as tasty as a chocolate cake.LOL… Then I fixed my hair and did my nails. Then I put on a very short skirt and a low cut blouse. I looked very good. We were supposed to go out for hamburgers. When I got out of the car she said I guess we are not going out for hamburgers. LOL. I took her to a very nice restaraunt. Though she seemed to loosen up a lot there. Though when we got to her house she hinted around that though she enjoyed the dinner she had to go to work early the next day. So I left with my standard hug and kiss on my cheek. She has said in the past that she no longer has a uterus and does not really crave sex very much. She says though that when she gets past a certain point that she takes care of her woman very well. I want to move on to that point but she is not ready even though we have been seeing each other since last year. When she moves into my house she said she will be sleeping in my spare room until ” we get to know each other better”!.. Any suggestions on how I can handle this situation??? I am at my wits end of what to do. I like her a lot so I just don’t want to drop her.



I understand the frustration you probably feel towards the situation especially because you two have been together so long. Some people just seem to need a lot of time to get to know someone before they feel ready to be more intimate whether its because of past relationship trouble or something else. Remember that whatever you do you don’t want to make her feel like you’re pressuring her into anything she’s not ready for but at the same time you could try starting more personal conversations and show that you’re making the honest effort to get to know her too. I think you also need to explain to her how you’re feeling even if it might make for an awkward conversation. Explain that you don’t want to end the relationship but at the same time you feel you need to move beyond just a friendship which basically is what you have. Its true that after having a hysterectomy a woman’s sex drive can go down but there are many other kinds of stimulation and pleasure not related to direct vaginal intercourse that may be more pleasing and alluring to her. You could try giving each other massages using lotion or massage oil to get used to touching each others bodies and that might trigger some type of stimulation or make her feel like she’s comfortable with being more physical. You have to remember that people are among the only mammals that have sex for pleasure and to reproduce so if this continues down the no physical contact road you are only going to feel more and more like something is missing in your relationship. Although there is no easy fix especially because of the living arrangements all you can really do is wait until the time is right for her, but romancing her and making her feel special and showing your intentions is definitely a start. Just sit down over dinner and let her know how you feel about it and tell her that you feel neglected and you are a physical person even if she isn’t and that’s something that you can’t ignore forever and hopefully she’ll understand especially since you’ve been so patient waiting for her. I hope this advice helps but don’t sell yourself short of your expectations. Remember their are plenty of fish in the sea and if this one isn’t the right fit for you someone else might be.


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All About Wanda Gomez

September 1, 2008 at 5:20 am (About Me) ()

I decided to start a blog so I could voice my thoughts and ideas publicly and to offer advice to anyone in need. Some people like to feel like they know someone they can turn to for advice so I’d like to share a little about myself. I’m a Pisces, I love to be in the water as all fish do. I love to be outdoors and have a more personal connection with the earth than simply wreaking the natural benefits. Hiking, biking, snowboarding, walking, and playing sports are all some of my favorite past times. I don’t claim any religion because I have chosen to follow my own spiritual beliefs as I see fit. I believe that the universe has a life course for all of us and that it will never lay before us an obstacle we can’t overcome. I believe in a higher power that connects all people and life and through my religious journey I haven’t yet decided what faith I want to devote myself to. I’m a very artistic person and am constantly creating whether its from painting to writing, designing clothes or writing songs, or whether its through my tattooing I’m always creating. We have a family run tattoo business and art gallery in my family and that’s where I first started working as a tattoo artist with my mother Barbara. If you’d like to visit the parlors website just click the link for Dancing Bones Ink Inc in the navigation bar. I’ve been through more things in my life in such a wide array of different scenarios that I decided to use my life lessons to help other people find the answers they need to overcome their obstacles. Feel free to ask me any question. All posts are anonymous and you can go by whatever surname you like.

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Ask Wanda Anything, Advice on Any Subject of Your Concern

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Hi I’m Wanda Gomez. First off I’d like to give you a little background about myself. I’m a person who’s been through the unimaginable and back again and through my struggles I’ve learned a lot of life lessons about anything you can think of so I’ve decided to use this wisdom to assist and guild people in need. Don’t feel shy to ask me questions because someone else might want to know the answer also. All posts are anonymous and you can go by any surname you like.

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On Your Own, Youths Struggle to Find Success

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In school they tell you that elementary school is meant to get you ready for junior high, and that in turn is to get you ready for high school, and high school is meant to get you ready for college, but what if the college life isn’t the path for you? Tough luck amigos. I see the struggle in our youth today while they’re trying to make career path choices and get their feet on the ground to make a place in this world but the truth is that high school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know before facing the big bad world.  College is expensive and without knowing the whole spectrum of opportunities you’re limiting the happiness you will allow yourself to have over the course of your life. My father once told me, “If you had enough money to never have to work another day in your life what would you do?” For me and many other young adults this is one of the hardest questions we could be faced with not only because we feel the pressure society puts on us to make a decision by the time we hit college but also the financial implications involved in finding your niche. The world is a changing and scary place right now and most big banks and corporations are headed to the bottom of the barrel with cinder blocks strapped to their calves. Unfortunately this means that finding money for school can be a struggle and once you lock yourself into 20 to 30 to over 200 thousand dollars of debt you better like the career you chose because you’re going to be working it for awhile. Think of all the people you know who have gone to school because that’s what we’re told we’re striving for once in high school and now they have a history degree which they’ll be paying for over the next 30 years and their degree doesn’t even relate to the job they work. A waste? I think so. If you ask me I think that youth today should explore their options and look for other ways to gain an education without dragging yourself under the water too. Where did apprenticeships and internships go? Some of the most powerful and successful people in our society never went to college and they’re better off than the ones who did. Consider Bill Gates for example. Now I’m not saying that being college bound is a bad thing but I think people need to give due time to consider what they really want to do. Get out and see the world before you tie yourself down.

I know I’ve had my fair share of losses that come with the good but I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for what life decided to throw at me. Struggleing to try and find student loans while job searching and trying to keep food on the table and a roof over my head is hard. We’re raised to think that things like credit cards are a fix all grace but the truth is that they’re hoping you overcharge and can’t make your payments because thats how they make money. You give a 18 year old a credit card while they’re living on their own and times are tough and pretty soon all that wrist swipping action will catch up to you. I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that nobody prepared me to face the people who want to knock me down so they can get a chin up, and the problem is  these manipulators don’t look like criminals or bad people and they sing you a song of bubbles and rainbows and then one day before you know it all blows up.

The best advice I can give is to just follow your gut reaction and if you feel that for yourself personally you would benefit from a year or two out of school to test the water I fully encourage it but just be for warned that nothing is as easy as it may appear. Everybody makes mistakes and they can all be corrected one way or another. Most of all be true to yourself because the most important things we have to protect are our happiness, our freedom, and our hearts. Without one the tripod will tip over, and realize that freedom also means being free from creditors and such to go about your life at your pace not theirs. After all stuff is just stuff if you loose it you can always get more and never let your stuff stop you from going places because in the end what you have on your walls or in your closet isn’t what will make you happy that has to come from within.

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